Prime Minister Inspects Projects Of Young Entrepreneurs At The Premises Of General Authority For Investment And Free Zones (GAFI)

Madbouly: Entrepreneurs play an important role in enhancing the investment climate and providing innovative and pioneering solutions to the local market Companies to manufacture medical ventilator and measure the proportion of oxygen and others to manufacture prosthetic devices and Madbouly directs to provide full support Abdel Wahab: GAFI is keen to provide support to entrepreneurs and start-ups and expand their business circles in all governorates as a starting point to launch their companies regionally and internationally.

Today, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, inspected the projects of a group of young entrepreneurs and representatives of a number of start-ups, during an event organized by GAFI to support innovative and promising ideas of new start-upsthat enhance the efficiency and productivity of the economy, play a vital role in advancing the plans of development, and meet the aspirations of the Egyptian youth towards innovation and knowledge.

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, accompanied by Counselor Mohamed Abdel Wahab, GAFI CEO, toured the pavilions of start-ups to learn about their new services and distinguished products. The tour includes Tulima Farms, a leading company that implements the latest agricultural practices, which aims to provide environmentally friendly products using technologies implemented for the first time in Egypt, to save water and increase productivity through climate-controlled greenhouse farming, and vertical farming through container farms. He also visited the pavilion of "Vortex Robotics", which produces and manufactures robots with a camera for use in underwater exploration and scientific research, and "Seavo", which works in the field of developing small marine vehicles through rechargeable electricity batteries as an alternative to using traditional fuels to preserve the environment from pollution and protect marine life. The Prime Minister also inspected the pavilion of "Biomix" company, which developed a medical robot that reads the patient's vital signs, speeds up diagnosis and suggests appropriate treatment, as well as the pavilion of the "Banlastic" company that addresses the problem of plastic pollution and aims to reduce the use of single-use plastics in Egypt through offering multiple alternative products to plastic.

Dr. Madbouly visited as well "Bio Business" company's pavilion for the design, development and manufacture of medical products with advanced electronic solutions for artificial respiration and measuring the proportion of oxygen. Prime Minister praised such products that the Egyptian market currently needs, especially the actual need to expand the manufacture of medical ventilator locally, directing to provide full support for these efforts. The visit included the pavilions of "Hand in Hand" company, which manufactures prosthetic devices such as prosthetic limbs using 3D technology, and "Nureab" that provides innovative devices for physical rehabilitation to speed up the recovery process of patients with physical disabilities.

Prime Minister also visited "Confab" company that obtained a patent in the production of a kind of safe and sterile medical clothing made of medical compression gauze for burn patients. He also inspected the pavilion of "Farms", a platform specialized in the field of agricultural financial technology in Egypt that aims to connect farm owners with traders, marketers and owners of food companies to buy their crops, and provide financing facilitations to small farmers. Dr. Madbouly visited as well "Breadfast" company that manufactures various types of baked goods; in addition, it owns an application for marketing personal care, household and food products.

A few presentations, of the owners of start-up companies that provide their services in the Egyptian market and seek to expand their activities during the next stage, were also explained. These companies are "Nawah Scientific"; an Egyptian research center, the winner of Africa Business Heroes award, that serves the Scientific Research Sector and meets the needs of companies, individuals and institutions with regard to samples analysis, whether they are samples of pharmaceutical raw materials or chemicals.

There is also "Klickit" that provides financial services that help in payment, collection and management of funds for educational institutions through an electronic platform, through which digital payments are transferred to public and private educational entities in Egypt and at the regional level. A presentation of "3elagi" company, which acts as a link between individuals and health service providers through an electronic application, was also introduced. The services are provided by the company to more than 200,000 users.

In addition, there is "Go Fuel" company, which specializes in providing fuel to various entities that own a fleet of cars, instead of going to gas stations, to facilitate domestic transportation. Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly praised such projects, ideas and proposals put forward by entrepreneurs, who play an important role in enhancing the investment environment. He pointed out that it asserts the role of these companies and their ability to provide innovative and pioneering solutions to the local market. He stressed that GAFI would keep providing all the means to support the projects of start-ups, whether technically or administratively, and solving any challenges that these companies may encounter in their future expansion plans. For his part, GAFI CEO Counselor Mohamed Abdel Wahab confirmed that GAFI's hosting of this event came within the framework of its keenness to provide support to entrepreneurs and Start-ups; to provide opportunities for Egypt’s promising youth; and to provide the necessary capabilities that allow the youth to improve their abilities to work, be creative, and expand their business circle to include all governorates of the Republic, which represents the starting point for the launch of their companies regionally.

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